Almost Black Water Lily

Almost Black waterlily features deep red flowers that are nearly black at the center. This hardy water lily is very free flowering and and is very popular for its enticing looks.
SKU: HL2013

Nymphaea “Almost Black“ Hardy from zone 4-11. Plant Size: Medium-large. Bred by Perry Slocum 1993, flower has very dark almost black center and outer petals are dark red. 5“- 8“ across. Has a spread of 4'- 8', marliac root system. Leaves are dark green and are very sturdy. Will grow in 6“ to 2' of water. Best to grow in 1.5' of water. If you are wanting a deep red waterlily well this is the one. I have never seen anything even close to it. Good bloomer and grows well. Good for container or earthen pond. Will gradually spread. Full sun.

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