Pond Liner Underlay

Liner Underlay is recommended for all pond liners, especially Firestone PondGard EPDM liners. Liner Underlay is available in 5' and 15' widths, but can accomodate any size pond by simply overlapping multiple pieces with no seaming required. Our kits may include more than one piece to make up the overall size of the kit. Example: 25' x 30' Pond Liner Underlay Kit contains one 15' x 30' and two 5' x 30' pieces.

  • Makes all pond liners more puncture resistant
  • Protects pond liners from sharp objects in the soil
  • Stabilizes ground under the liner to keep EPDM and other pond liners from "over-stretching"
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Resists "settling" unlike newspaper or sand
10' wide Undelay kits
Price: $17.60
15' Wide Underlay Kits
Price: $49.50
20' Wide Underlay Kits
Price: $88.00
25' Wide Underlay Kits
Price: $137.50
30' Wide Underlay Kits
Price: $198.00
35' Wide Underlay Kits
Price: $269.50
5' Wide Underlay kits
Price: $5.50