ShinMaywa Pond Pumps

ShinMaywa Norus Submersible Pond Pumps

The ShinMaywa (Pronounced: Shin-May-Wah) submersible pumps are the most reliable and durable pumps sold in today's water garden market. The ShinMaywa Norus series pond pumps offer high durability and effenciency for continuous operation for waterfall and stream applications. 

ShinMaywa Large Volume Pumps offer an air filled Class E insulated heavy duty motor that operates cooler with higher efficiencies. The double mechanical seals operate in an oil bath providing longer service life and lower maintenance.

The proven reliability and perfromance of ShinMaywa pond pumps makes them the choice of the water garden enthusiast today.

Norus Submerible Pumps | Pond Pumps | Skimmer Pumps | Waterfall Pumps
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ShinMaywa 2 HP 1 Phase CVC Series Pump  | Pond Pump | Waterfall Pump | Submersible Pump
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