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Best Koi Pond Skimmers and Watergarden Skimmers

KoiPondFever.com offers the best and most reliable brands of pond skimmers in the market to help maintain your watergarden and give your koi fish crystal clean pond water. A pond skimmer is a vital piece of equipment for any healthy koi pond or watergarden, and should be an important consideration when planning the construction of an outdoor pond or watergarden. Primarily used to keep your pond clean by by collecting debris, proteins, and amino acids from the surface.

Pond skimmers are employed to maintain water quality that's healthy enough for fish to thrive in. Positioned along the top of the waterline, they basically work by allowing the topmost water layer to flow in from an opening along the surface (hence the term “skimmer”;). Floating debris, such as leaves and twigs and amino acids are swept into the skimmer allowing the skimmer basket or skimmer net to catch the larger debris. The filter media pad or brushes in the skimmer removes finer debris and provides both mechanical and biological filtration. It also helps the pump last longer by pumping clean water free of debris that can clog the intake of the pump. The pump then returns the water back into the pond at the opposite end, feeding either a stream bed or waterfall.

Whether you have a water garden, koi pond, or koi water garden, it's important to plan ahead and determine the size and type of skimmer you need for your pond. The type of pond you will have, the total volume of water, and trees that are close to the pond that shed leaves will determine the size of skimmer you need. It is always best to choose the size of pump needed and then choose the skimmer that will handle the volume of water. Trees nearby with larger leaves will require a larger opening and skimmer net regardless of water flow.

Article: Choosing the Right Pond Skimmer

We not only offer high quality koi pond supplies and equipment that include skimmer pumps and accessories, UV Sterilizers and Pond Filters at affordable prices, we also offer information to help you succeed in your efforts to create and maintain a beautiful Japanese koi pond or koi pond watergarden. For more in-depth information regarding pond skimmers, read this article to choose the right one for your pond: Choosing the Right Pond Skimmer.

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