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Saki-Hikari Koi Food - Preferred by Top Japanese Breeders


Hikari is the most popular koi food in Japan and Hikari's Saki-Hikari has been developed as a result of decades of firsthand breeding experience and considerable insight from a number of Japan's top professional breeders. Saki-Hikari is the diet used by the All Japan Koi Show Grand Champion winners in back-to-back shows since 2003. All of the Saki-Hikari diets contains a patented, living probiotic. This "Hikari Germ" is a strain of Bacillus bacteria which, when fed, proliferates itself inside the intestine of the koi offering many incredible benefits. This probiotic facilitates digestion, reduces proliferation of bad bacteria reducing disease, and reduces the amount of waste produced in the digestion process. This improves water quality and reduces the load on the bio-filtration of the pond.

Saki-Hikari Multi-Season is special formalated for easy digestion in the cooler months in the spring and fall. Multi-Season includes pure-cultured spirulina to help your koi develop and maintain the brilliant color. Saki-Hikari Color Enhansing Diet is rich in pure-cultured Spirulina and higher levels of Zeaxanthin offering vivid color-enhancement of the Hi (red areas) with no negative impact on the Shiroji (white areas). Saki-Hikari Growth Diet provides outstanding growth characteristics to help the advanced hobbyist develop jumbo sized champions. After years of research, the Hikari Aquatic Lab developed the best formulation to obtain maximum, fat-deposit-free growth with no adverse effects. Try Saki-Hikari Growth Diet today, offering your koi their best chance at being the jumbo koi you’ve always dreamed of!

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