Waterfall Filters

Best Selction of Pond Waterfall Filters

KoiPondFever.com offers only the best selection of pond waterfall filters to give added biological filtration to the koi pond. Nothing competes for the natural sound of a waterfall in a watergarden or koi pond. Waterfall filters are designed for use with the pond skimmers for a truly professional looking pond. Waterfall filters should be located as far away from skimmer as possible to create maximum circulation.They easily install to the liner without fear of leaks and have an added benefit of increasing the biological filtration. Koi pond waterfalls greatly increase the amount of oxygen in the water for a healthy fish and plant environment. Garden pond waterfalls can easily be concealed with rocks, boulders and plants and makes a great water feature for any pond. Ponds and waterfalls just go together. Be sure to include a waterfall filter in your plans for a watergarden or koi pond. You will be glad you did!



KoiTek Fluidized FilterFalls
Regular Price: $1,162.50
On Sale For: $1,049.00
Savio FilterWeir 16
Price: $93.75
Savio FilterWeir 31
Price: $180.00