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Kasco Marine Floating Fountains

Outdoor Fountains: More Than Just Beautiful

Floating pond fountains or outdoor water fountains are the perfect choice to add to the aesthetic value to ponds of many shapes and sizes for residential, golf courses, commercial properties and resorts. Improved aeration and water circulation make for a healthier pond, reduces foul odors, eliminates stagnant areas where mosquitoes breed, debris collects, and toxic algae grows. Floating Fountains improve the environment for fish and other animals using the pond.

Did you know?

  • Outdoor Water Fountains Inhibit Sludge, Odor and Algae Build Up

Floating Fountains oxygenate the water in your pond, preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria by increasing decomposition of organic matter. By introducing oxygen into the water, your fountain keeps your pond clear, fresh, and healthy for your koi fish.

  • Pond Fountains Reduce Mosquitoes

By creating water movement, your outdoor fountains allows the water to flow and prevents water stagnation and inhibits the breeding of mosquitoes. A fountain keeps your pond safe and clean.

  • Pond Fountains Keep Ponds with Fluctuating Water Levels Healthy

Your Floating Pond Fountain can maintain its position in your pond, lake or water feature no matter what the water level, through the addition of weights attached to the mooring ropes.

Improve the Health of your Pond with a Floating Pond Fountain

Aside from keeping your pond and surroundings clean and healthy, getting a quality fountain also helps save you from the hassle of having to do constant maintenance with chemicals that can be costly.

Choose the Kasco Floating Pond or Lake Fountain That Best Fits Your Needs

The Kasco JF Series Display Fountains come with multiple nozzles, the spray pattern can be changed to suit changing conditions and your personal tastes. The Kasco VFX Aerating Fountains provide the best combination of aeration and display. Add and optional LED or Bronze Halogen light fixture to your fountain for a dramatic night time display. The Alpine Floating Fountain is perfect for small backyard ponds.

Our outdoor fountains are available in different designs and sizes that are fit for every pond design. Allow us to help you choose the appropriate fountain for your property by clicking the links below.

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See our Kasco Fountain Size Chart to help determine the fountain size needed.

Use our Pond Size Calculator to determine the size of your pond.

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