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Pond Liners and Koi Pond Liner Supplies

KoiPondFever.com is your best source for pond liners and our garden pond liners are both durable and flexible for whatever fish pond liner application you need. The pond liner is the foundation of any watergarden pond or koi pond providing the flexibility of creating any kind of water feature that you can imagine. No matter the size, shape, or features you would want to include in your watergarden, we have the liners and pond liner accessories to complete the job. When including a stream leading into the pond, it may require using two liners and seaming them together with pond liner tape. Since shipping is a large part of the cost of garden pond liners all of our Firestone pond liners for sale include the shipping charge making it easy to determine the final cost. Use our pond liner size calculator  to calculate the size of the liner needed.

Fish Pond Liners, Firestone EPDM, Underlay, and More

Unlike roof liners, Firestone EDPM pond liners are completely safe for fish. Roof liners contain algaecides and fire retardants that are not fish safe. Firestone Pondgard liners are specially formulated for water gardens, UV resistant, and are the most flexible fish pond liner on the market, making installing pond skimmers and waterfalls easy. Our pond liner tape makes it easy to seam two liners together when including a stream to the pond for a more natural look. Pond Liner Underlay is recommended for all pond liners, especially Firestone PondGard EPDM liners. Pond Liner Underlay is available in 5' and 15' widths, but you can use it to accommodate any size pond by simply overlapping multiple pieces with no seaming required. It helps protect the liner from sharp objects in the soil and is easy to install. For concrete pond applications KoiPondFever.com offers Pond Shield by Pond Armor, which is a 2 part epoxy sealer that is completely fish safe once it has cured.

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