Pond Aerators

Pond Aerators are essential for maintaining healthy oxygen levels in ponds, lakes and other water features.

Most pond aerators can be used year round, making them a great investment for ponds with koi and other fish. When properly sized for the application, pond aerators will prevent the buildup of toxic gases, reduce thermocline, and keep an area clear of ice in the winter. From small ponds up to 4 acre lakes, what ever the application we have the solution for you.

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Oxygen is the single most limiting factor in aquatic environments.

Running a pond aerator in the winter will keep an area clear of ice at a fraction the cost of a pond heater while adding oxygen to the water. Koi and other cold blooded fish do not die in the winter because it is to cold or the pond ices over. They die because of lack of oxygen. Similarly, in the summer an algae die off quickly depletes oxygen from the water and can cause a fish die off. Running a pond aerator in the summer months will reduce algae blooms and help stabilize the ph. It will also reduce mosquito populations. The column of air generates a constant water flow, greatly reducing stagnant water. Mosquitos only breed in stagnant water.

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Pond Aerators Prevent Thermocline.

Pond Aerators Prevent Thermocline. Thermocline is a thin layer in a body of water that separates the warm surface water from the cooler more dense bottom layer. The bottom layer is oxygen poor where toxins and sludge builds up. Breaking up the thermocline allows toxins to escape into the air. Pond aerators break up the thermocline by pulling water from below by way of the air column.

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