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Pondmaster Pond-Mag Pumps

Pondmaster Pond-Mag Pumps are made to run continuously, because they don't have seals that can wear out. These pond pumps are extremely energy-efficient, and the resulting savings pass directly on to you. This type of pump is suitable for large fountains, piped statuary and ponds.

Pondmaster Proline Hy-drive Pump

PROLINE HY-DRIVE PUMPS BY PONDMASTER are unique, high-capacity pumps designed specifically for use in larger pond installations. The Hy-Drive design combines the benefits of magnetic and direct drive technologies to deliver great performance and high efficiency in an extremely quiet, low maintenance package. The heavy-duty polypropylene enclosure has a built-in carry handle and effective molded-in debris screen. Hy-Drive pumps can be positioned vertically or horizontally and can be used as a submersible pump or as an inline, external pumping source. Available in 1600, 2100, 2600, 3200, 4000, 4800, and 6000 GPH capacities.