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Dainichi Koi Fish Food

Dainichi Koi Food is the only food in the world imported to Japan by top Niigata breeders. All Dainichi formulas contain calcium montmorillonite clay. This bentonite clay contains over 60 minerals proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion, growth and color in koi. It also neutralizes metabolic toxins. In an artificial environment such as a koi pond, the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up. In this way, the water more closely resembles the natural habitat of koi.

What is Special About Dainichi Koi Food?

Dainichi is the only koi food company that utilizes a 2 stage cooking process. After the first stage of cooking and extrusion the second stage encapsulates the pellets with a coating of vitamins and minerals. This cold process ensures that ingredients which would normally be denatured, or even totally destroyed, by exposure to heat are kept at their full potency. Virtually everyone knows that vitamins and digestive enzymes should not be exposed to heat, but only Dainichi Koi Food makes this fact a reality. Dainichi Koi Food is also made to order. As a dealer KoiPondFever.com receives koi food that was made only days ago and packed in a 100% UV light resistant resealable bag for maximum freshness. Our high volume of orders assures the fressnesss of the food.