Dainichi All-Season Koi Food

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  • Recommended for cooler water temperatures between 50° - 70°F when koi metabolism is less.
  • Coated with a special vitamin and mineral coating after the heating process to assure optimum nutritional potency.
  • Contains calcium montmorillonite clay to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral particles and to bind and neutralize metabolic toxins.
  • Available in 5.5 lb. and 11.0 lb. bags.

Dainichi All-Season to perform very well in maintaining vibrant colors of all koi varieties. This formula can be used in conjunction with all other Dainichi Koi Foods, however, it is especially beneficial during cooler weather when the koi's metaboloism is slower. A two-step application of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamins C & E, ensure that the luster, sheen and whites of your koi are always at their best.

As with all other Dainichi koi foods, Dainichi All-Season contains calcium montmorillonite clay to simulate the natural ingestion of mineral particles and to bind and neutralize metabolic toxins. Raw, fully potent vitamins, digestive enzymes and garlic ensure that the fish are healthy and free of internal parasites. Furthermore, the scouring action of the clay enhances a continued rejuvenation of the digestive tract, which in turn ensures a maximum rate of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. With only two sources of starch (flour as binder and wheat germ as a source of vitamins E and B), Dainichi All-Season keeps the body conformation of all koi in a constant show-ready condition. As an addidional benefit, the low waste production by koi helps keeps the dissolved organics levels low in your pond, making it an invaluable aid in eliminating algal blooms.

White fish meal, wheat germ, wheat flour, shrimp, soybean meal, brewer’s yeast, powdered milk, calcium montmorillonite clay, vitamin mix, mineral mix, spirulina, garlic, protease and natural gum.

Min.crude protein Min. crude fat Max. crude fiber Max. moisture Max. ash
39% 4% 4% 4% 4%

Feed your fish only as much as they will eat (immediately) in a few minutes, 2 to 4 times daily. Smaller, more frequent feedings are preferred over a single large one. All Dainichi foods have low levels of starches to prevent excessive swelling in the digestive tract and to maintain a lean show-ready body conformation.
Dainichi All-Season is a top performer in any climate but is especially well suited for use in northern climates, cooler weather, and during late fall, winter and early spring seasons. This formula can be used at any time as long as the water temperature is above 50° F.
To increase the growth rate of koi, this formula should be supplemented with Dainichi Growth Plus.
Maximum color can be achieved by supplementing with Dainichi Premium or Dainichi Color Intensifier.

Medium Pellet - 5.5 lb. bag DAS5555
Medium Pellet - 11 lb. bag DAS5511
Large Pellet - 11 lb. bag DAS7511