Ultima II 2,000 Filter

Ultima II 2000 Pond Filter | Koi Pond Filter

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Aqua Ultraviolet Ultima II 2,000 Pond Filter

Aqua Ultraviolet offers the next generation of filters and the best external filter for koi ponds. The Ultima II 2000 is specifically engineered to meet the heavy environmental demands of Koi ponds from 1,000 to 2,000 gallons.

Ultima II Filter Media

Aqua Ultraviolet extrudes a patented filter media with the highest surface area of any on the market. The small tubular design has ridges on the outside and a cross section on the inside increasing bio surface area and preventing clumping. The ridged design helps to create a dense bed for superior trapping of solids that is easily separated during the backwash.

The Ultima II 2000 Pond Filter combines both biological and mechanical filtration in one compact body. Simply by rotating the valve the patented cyclonic backwash system does the dirty work. In just minutes the internal jets clean the filter for you. Ultima II Pond Filters are designed for high flow rates, extreme fish loads, and elevated feed rates. Koi pond fish loads tend to increase over time as the koi grow and more fish are added. The addition of an Ultima II 2000 Filter is the best solution to solve the problem of an inadequate filter system and go from green to clean and healthy water environment.


Ultima II 2000 Pond Filter Features

  • Minimum Flow Rate: 1,000 GPH
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 2,500 GPH
  • Available with 1.5" or 2" Valve
  • 1 Year Warranty
Ultima II Pond Filter Features


1.5" Top A50019
2" Top A50017