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Watercress For The Koi Pond Or Watergarden


Watercress is an excellent plant food source for koi. Watercress contains significant amounts of iron, calcium and folic acid, in addition to vitamins A and C, and koi love it. Koi are omnivorous and need vegetable matter in their diet. A high quality koi food will contain spirulina algae which also enhances color. Since koi forage constantly it is good to grow a plant in your pond that will keep up with the appetite of the koi. Watercress will easily keep pace with the appetite of koi in the summer months.


Watercress is an excellent plant for the koi pond or watergarden. Not only is watercress an excellent plant food source for koi, it provides good foliage and does a great job as a natural filter removing nitrates from the water. It will quickly displace string algae by robbing it of the nutrients needed to grow. It blooms with tiny white flowers in the late spring to early summer.

How To Plant


It is best to plant watercress in a stream bed, waterfall, or anywhere there is a lot of water movement. You may need to place large stones around the roots to keep the koi from digging them up. It will quickly grow over the stones allowing the koi to feed on it. Super easy to grow, just place the stem in shallow water in gravel or under a rock and it will take off in a few weeks.

What You Get

You will receive 3 medium plants with roots. We only ship on Monday to assure that you will receive the live plants before the weekend. They should be planted immediately when received.


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