MultiCyclone 50

MultiCyclone 50

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MultiCyclone 50 Solids Filter

Based on the principals of centrifugal water filtration, MultiCyclone is a revolutionary new pre-filtration device which captures 80% of the dirt load before it ever reaches your filter. The water enters 16 mini hydro cyclones causing solids to separate and settle into the clear collection chamber until drained. It only takes 4 gallons of water to flush the solids from the collection chamber, reducing maintenance of the filter and saving over 50% water from back washing a bead or pressure filter. The MultiCyclone 50 improves water quality and reduces sludge buildup.

  • Capable of removing 90% of 30 micron and larger particles.
  • No filter media to clean or replace
  • No moving parts to wear out or break down
  • Flow rate of 780-7900 GPH
  • Maximum working pressure of 50 PSI
  • Compact size 24" tall by 12" diameter
  • NSF certified
  • 2 year warranty

The MultiCyclone 50 has a 2" inlet and 2" outlet and comes with all the fittings to install including true unions, the ball valve, and drain. The image right shows a typicall installation between the pump and bead filter.

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MultiCyclone 50 WC200370