Kasco 4400 JF/HJF 1HP Display Fountain

Kasco 4400JF | Floating Fountain | Pond Fountain

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Kasco 4400 JF/HJF 1HP Display Fountain

Kasco Marine's 4400JF/HJF 1 HP Floating Fountain is perfect for medium size ponds and when multiple fountain patterns and pattern height are desired. It includes 5 interchangeable nozzles standard, to give you 5 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The 5 fountain patterns range in height of 10 feet and width of 27 feet.

The 4400JF/HJF Floating Aerating Fountains are available in 120V and 240V 60Hz models and come complete with pump, floating ring, nozzles, anchor ropes, power cord and control panel.

5 Fountain Patterns for the Price of One!

The 4400JF includes a GFCI protected control box. The C-25, 120V control with timer, GFCI protection, and photo eye for light operation comes standard. The photo eye allows you to set your timer for the hours of operation and when it is dark the lights will activate. No electrician is required to install the C-25 Control or the 4400JF if an existing 120V, 15 amp receptacle is available. The 4400HJF is supplied with a state-of-the-art GFCB protected 240V control panel, model C-85.

Check out the Kasco Fountain lighting options that are available for the 4400JF/HJF. Each light fixture is made to plug it into the control panel and the lights will operate whenever the unit operates during darkness.

For more information download the 3400JF-4400JF Owner's Manual.

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50' Cord 4400JF-50
100' Cord 4400JF-100
150' Cord 4400JF-150
200' Cord 4400JF-200
240V w/50' cord 4400HJF-50
240v w/100' cord 4400HJF-100
240v w/150' cord 4400HJF-150
240v w/200' cord 4400HJF-200