Hakko 25

Hakko 25

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The Hakko Linear Air Pump 25 will deliver a maximum of 32 Liters Per Minute.

The Hakko HK-25L Linear air pump represents a top of the line Liner Air Compressor with a 3 year warranty.
Suitable for koi ponds up to 2500 gallons.

It is a small unit with a surprisingly high output. Ideal for water depths between 2 feet to 8 feet deep. Shut off depth is 11 feet deep. The Hakko air pumps are built to last with a very durable body and mechanics meaning years and years of everlasting quality airflow.

Very low noise 32/38 dB at 1 meter, low power consumption, Silent operation, Completely oil free, Overload protection with Auto off/on switch for overheat situations. Low power consumption. UL and CE listed for outdoor use.

The outlet fitting is approx 5/8" O.D.

Hakko 25 HK-25L