Koi Toilet - Aerated Bottom Drain

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Koi Toilet Aerated Bottom Drain

The most versatile and complete solution for Aerated Koi Pond Bottom Drains. Features: Sweep bottom design to eliminate trapping debris. The aerated design creates an air lift above the dome and thus creates a current drawing more detritus into the bottom drain. 1" Air supply connection at the bottom through center column. Screws are fully embedded in large and strong screw pockets. Threaded center column for easy disassemble and maintenance. Wide and thick flange for better liner grip. Slanted air dome and high quality air diffuser with internal check valve function. Available in 3" and 4" models.

Bottom Drain Installation

Properly installed bottom drains can reduce maintenance and help keep the bottom of the pond from building up sludge from plant decay and fish detritus. When designing a new pond the consideration of adding one or more bottom drains can make a big difference on pond maintenance. However there is a lot of confusion on how they work and how to install them. Pond drains work best by gravity flow creating a slow current drawing oxygen depleted water and organics from the lowest points in the pond. The plumbing is run under the liner and can be directly plumbed to the skimmer in front of the mechanical filter using a bulk head fitting. This is usually done either side of the skimmer and below the inlet door close to the bottom. Since the pump is pumping water from the skimmer, water is drawn in from both the surface through the inlet door and the bottom drain plumbed to the skimmer below the inlet door. The alternative method would be to plumb the bottom drain to a prefilter or settlement tank that is at water level. Pumping water from the settlement tank causes the water to be drawn in from the bottom drain by gravity.

3" Aerated KTA30
4" Aerated KTA100