Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall Weirs

Colorfalls Lighted Waterfall Weirs

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Atlantic Colorfalls

Atlantic’s Colorfalls are a perfect fit for formal retaining walls and pondfree applications. Colorfalls adds a breathtaking new dimension to a water feature – waterfalls with shimmering details in white, red or blue hues. You’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your water feature day or night.

Colorfalls Models
Model: CF12B Ice Blue
CF12R Fire Red
CF12W Crystal White
CF12SW SOL White
Description: 12” Colorfalls
Flow Rate: 1000 gph
Watts: 3
Inlet: 1¼” FIPT
Dimensions: 12”W x 8”D x 3½”H
Model: CF24B Ice Blue
CF24R Fire Red
CF24W Crystal White
CF24SW SOL White
Description: 24” Colorfalls
Flow Rate: 2000 gph
Watts: 6
Inlet: 1¼” FIPT
Dimensions: 24”W x 8”D x 3½”H
Model: CF36B Ice Blue
CF36R Fire Red
CF36W Crystal White
CF36SW SOL White
Description: 36” Colorfalls
Flow Rate: 3000 gph
Watts: 9
Inlet: 1¼” FIPT
Dimensions: 36”W x 8”D x 3½”H

Colorfalls Features:

  • 5” lip extension
  • 12 volt outdoor transformer
  • 30’ power cord
  • 1 year warranty
12" Ice Blue CF12B
12" Red Fire CF12R
12" Crystal White CF12W
12" SOL White CF12SW
24" Ice Blue CF24B
24" Fire Red CF24R
24" Crystal White CF24W
24" SOL White CF24SW
36" Ice Blue CF36B
36" Fire Red CF36R
36" Crystal White CF36W
36" SOL White CF36SW