Kaldnes K1 Filter Media

Kaldness K1 Fileter Media

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This uniquely designed media provides amazing water quality and clarity, especially when it has reached full maturity. Kaldnes K1 bio-media is maintenance-free, allowing the biomass to fully mature, which maximizes its effectiveness and creates constant parameters.

Kaldnes K1 Filter Media has been scientifically tried and tested in fish farming and waste water treatment for over 10 years, is now available for koi hobbyists. The Kaldnes Moving BedTM process utilizes an air pump to fluidize the media, thus significantly increasing the nitrification potential of your bio-filter.

How It Works
Maturing the Kaldnes bio-media is important because a delicate eco-system is naturally developing for the bacteria involved in the nitrification process. Kaldnes media provides the maximum active surface area for the bacteria to colonize, more than other types of static media. It is this process which removes harmful ammonia and nitrite from the water.

As the Kaldnes media moves within the filter, it causes the old dead bacteria on the outside to be displaced. This makes space for younger, heavier feeding bacteria to rapidly colonize. Within the wheel is a protected surface, which enables colonies of bacteria to naturally follow their lifecycle of maturing, dying and then fueling the latter stages of the nitrification cycle. Kaldnes has been designed to provide the best possible habitat for both young and mature beneficial bacterial colonies.

Unlike foam, matting, or other forms of static filtration media, the Kaldnes K1 media is designed to move freely within your filter. The constant chaotic movement of the air causes the media to self-clean and thus requires no maintenance. This allows the filter to reach optimum effectiveness without the disturbance of periodic cleaning, avoiding unnecessary loss of bacteria within the filter.

50 Liters FM1000