Power Cyclone Pond Vac

Power Cyclone Pond Vac

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Matala Power Cyclone Pond Vacuum

Non Stop Continuous Vacuum
With Power Discharge

Pond Maintenance Made Easy


  • Powerful non stop vacuum with balanced power discharge pump
  • Innovative design with 2 motors
  • Internal pre-filter bag
  • Easy operation with heavy duty wheels and handle
  • Efficient and reliable
  • 4 Plastic extension pipes with total length 6 ft.
  • 4 vacuum attachments to handle various cleaning applications
  • 26.2 ft. suction hose
  • 32 ft. discharge hose
  • Power Cord length is 32 ft.
  • Industrial grade construction
  • 1 year warranty

1500 gallon per hour Vacuum-Exhaust Capacity

The continuous vacuum motor is designed to vacuum large ponds. The 6 ft. plastic extension pipe and 26 ft. of suction hose allows for easy handling during the vacuum process. Debris is vacuumed into the 13 gallon holding tank into a pre-filter bag to collect large solids first. Dirty water is pumped out to waste by the action of the internal 1HP sludge pump. 32 ft. of exhaust hose allows the waste water to be pumped to any elevation. Designed for continuous duty.

Power Cyclone Pond Vac MAL82