Performance Pro Dial-A-Flow Pumps

Performance Pro Dial-A-Flow Pumps

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Versatility and performance best describes Performance Pro's variable speed Artesian2 and ArtesianPro Dial-A-Flow pumps. These pumps are capable of delivering superior energy savings of over 80% versus a standard single-speed motor, Pumps have a horse power range from 1/8 - 2.7 and RPM range from 600 to 3450. Spurred by consumer interest in energy-saving products and government-mandated efficiency standards, the innovative PerformancePro variable speed ECM offers premium efficiency boosted by such features as Power Factor Correction, which raises overall efficiency while reducing input amps. Receive the effenciency of a 3 phase motor using residential 230V single phase.

ECM User Interface


The state-of-art user interface ensures programming ease and flexibility, with on-screen navigation, ergonomic selector switch, and pre-set programs for out-of-the-box operation. The 5 year battery backup retains program settings when there is a power failure.





  • Innovative user interface with step-by-step on-screen navigation and ergonomic selector switch
  • Power factor correction
  • Adjustable freeze protection
  • Auxiliary load circuit with configurable run time
  • Motor designed to reduce noise emissions
  • UV and rain proof enclosure
  • Real time clock with 5-year battery back up
  • Integrated LCD backlight and adjustable contrast
  • Manual high and low overrides
Artesian2 High Flow 2" Unions A2-2.7-HF-DAF
Artesian2 High Head 2" Unions A2-2.7-HH-DAF
Artesian Pro High Flow 3" Unions AP2.7-HF-DAF
Artesian Pro High Head 3" Unions AP2.7-HH-DAF