Aqua Ultraviolet Replacement Bulbs

Aqua Ultraviolet Replacement Bulbs

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Aqual Ultraviolet lamps are designed for 14 months of continuous use. Flow rates are calculated at 30,000 µw/cm² , based on the end of useful lamp life. Since we have calculated our flow rates based on the end of lamp life, there is no need to adjust the flow rates during life cycle of your lamp. Aqua Ultraviolet’s unit will perform at its optimum through out the life of the lamp and it just makes it simple.

Which Lamp Do I have?

Slim Line Blue Tipped Lamps

Lamp Identification

Look for the Aqua Ultraviolet logo on the slim line lamps the Wattage is shown right below it.

Advantage 8 Watt - length 8-5/8”

Advantage 15 Watt - length 8-5/8”

Classic 8 Watt - length 11-5/8”

Classic 15 Watt - length 11-5/8”

Classic 25 Watt – length 17-1/2”

Classic 57 Watt - length 17-1/2”

Classic 40 Watt - length 33-1/2”

Some bulbs are the same Length. If you can not read the wattage size find the serial number on the unit as described below and give Aqua Ultraviolet tech support a call at: 1 (800) 454-2725

Locate the silver Caution Label on the body of the Unit. The model size is checked, the serial number is written at the bottom. The serial number can also be found on the transformer.

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15 watt Advantage 9" A20010
8 watt Classic 12" A20008
15 watt Classic 12" A20015
25 watt Classic 17.5" A20025
40 watt Classic 33.5" A20040
57 watt Classic 17.5" A20057