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Spring Care For The Koi Pond

Spring is finally here and it's time to get the koi pond in shape for the new season. There are several steps that need to be taken before starting up the pumps. No matter how well you cleaned the leaves out in the fall, the pond has become a magnet for wind blown leaves and debris throughout the winter months... read more

Streams and Waterfalls for the Koi Pond

The sound of water flowing down a shallow stream or over a waterfall is like natures relaxing music. It also adds biological filtration and oxygen to the water. Creating a waterfall or stream that looks natural is easier than you might think... read more

Fall Care For The Koi Pond

Fall is upon us with the days growing shorter and the leaves just starting to turn. This is the time to start preparing the koi pond for the winter months ahead. As the water temperature drops the metabolism of the koi pond starts slowing down... read more

Koi Food For The Different Seasons

Why should we feed a different food in the spring and fall from what we feed in the summer? Feeding the proper food based on water temperature helps keep the water quality high... read more

Pond Pumps For The Koi Pond

The pond pump is the life blood of any koi pond or koi watergarden. Whether building a new pond or replacing an existing pump, there are many choices when it comes to buying a pump... read more

Choosing the Right Pond Skimmer

Pond skimmers are a vital part of any koi pond or watergarden and is an important choice when considering construction of an outdoor pond. Like all products there are many brands and sizes of pond skimmers to choose from... read more

Building a Successful Koi Pond Water Garden

A koi pond water garden creates beauty and looks more natural. The plants give the koi shelter and food and help remove fish waste from the water making it easier to have crystal clear water without very large mechanical and biological filtration. Find out how to keep koi and plants together... read more

Building A Koi Pond Veggie Waterfall Filter

A veggie filter is the simple use of shallow water plants to filter the water. The plants will naturally remove ammonias and nitrates form the water while adding beauty to the koi pond... read more

Water Garden Mosquito Control

Whether you have a water garden or thinking of building a water garden, the question is always, what about mosquitoes? How do I control mosquitoes? Will having a water garden become a magnet for mosquitoes... read more

Controlling Algae in the Koi Pond and Water Garden

Best practices to control algae outbreaks include proper maintenance, filtration, oxygenation, and seeding the filters with bacteria in the spring... read more