Water Treatments

Ponds are artificial bodies of water that are often too small to have their own chemical balance. Using pond water treatments can bring these miniature eco-systems into balance and ensure clear water and healthy pond life. Many nutrients are missing that are essential for koi health and color.

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Microbe-Lift Spring Cleaner

Microbe-Lift Spring Cleaner helps to jump start your pond in spring to a healthier environment by accelerating the breakdown of leaves, small twigs and other accumulated organic waste.

Pond Bacteria Sludge Remover with Barley

Pond Force 2-in-1 product contains both beneficial pond bacteria and pulverized barley straw powder and has been formulated for koi ponds and water gardens. Packaged in 1 oz. water soluble packets for easy dosing. Eliminated murky water, excess fish food, fish food and decaying plant material. 1 packet treats 1000 gallons of water.

Pond Bacteria Coldwater Blocks

Clears murky water and eliminates bottom sludge. Coldwater Blocks are recommended for water temperatures down to 35 deg F. Also works in water temperatures up to 95 deg F. Helps jump start your pond in the spring by adding beneficial bacteria and removing decaying matter.

Ultimate Koi Clay

This calcium bentonite clay contains more than 60 mineral compounds and has been proven to be immensely helpful in enhancing digestion and growth, as well as neutralizing metabolic toxins. In an artificial environment such as a koi pond, the clay helps return minerals to the water and stabilizes its chemical make-up. In this way, the water more closely resembles the natural habitat of koi. The highest quality koi in the world are raised in mud bottom ponds. Even the top Niigata Koi breeders have to add fresh clay to their ponds to replace the minerals and trace elements needed to raise top Niigata Koi.

Pond Balance

Pond Balance is a widely accepted pond treatment for reducing organic debris and string algae. Unbalanced pond conditions may contribute to excess organic debris in ponds, streams, pump intakes, and filters. Pond Balance keeps certain nutrients at bay. This helps provide a healthy and beautiful pond without harm to plants, fish, or bacteria.

Trans Instruments Salinity Calibration Solution - 90ml

For calibration of Koi Medic salinity tester. These solutions are tested against instruments calibrated against certified standards. Each standard solution is made in soluble form, sealed and date coded to ensure the highest quality and accuracy when delivered. Never compromise with using power form standards which require mixing and handling