Pond Pumps

Top Brand Pumps for Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, and Waterfalls

Pond pumps are the heart of any koi pond or water garden and it is important to choose the right pump for the application. When buying a pump it is important to consider the cost of ownership along with matching the pump to the application. This includes the expected life span of the pump and how much it will cost to run. The higher the wattage of the pump translates to higher electrical cost. 

Read this article to choose the right pond pump - Choosing The Right Pond Pump or give us a call. We will provide expert advise on choosing the right pump for your application.







Pump Screens/Cages
Price: $119.95 
Matala Versiflow Pond Pumps
Regular Price: $439.98
On Sale For: $329.98 
Matala Geyser Max Flow Pumps
Regular Price: $399.98
On Sale For: $319.98 
Cal Pump Power Control Center
Price: $129.00