Floating Fountains

Floating Pond Fountains for Display and Aeration

Reduce Algae and Mosquitoes with a Floating Fountain.

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Floating Pond Fountains: More Than Just Beautiful.

You have the fish pond filters, the pond air pumps, the most beautiful water lilies and the best Dainichi koi food. And yet, of all koi pond supplies…Fountains may be the most important of all.

Did you know....

-Pond Fountains Inhibit Sludge, Odor and Algae Build Up. Floating Fountains oxygenate the water in your pond, preventing the growth of anaerobic bacteria by increasing decomposition of organig matter. By introducing oxygen into the water, your fountain keeps your pond clear and fresh.

-Pond Fountains Reduce Mosquitoes. By creating water movement, your Pond Fountain prevents stagnation and inhibits the breeding of mosquitoes. A fountain keeps your pond safe and clean.

-Pond Fountains Keep Ponds with Fluctuating Water Levels Healthy. Your Floating Pond Fountain can maintain its position in your pond, lake or water feature no matter what the water level, through the addition of weights attached to the mooring ropes. With five different spray nozzles that come with each Kasco JF Series Display Fountain, the spray pattern can be adjusted to changing conditions and your personal taste.

Improve the Health of your Pond with a Floating Pond Fountain.

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