EasyPro Extension Tube

EasyPro Extension Tube | Skimmer

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EasyPro Extenion Tubes for EasyPro Skimmers

Extension tubes make your pond look much more natural by moving the skimmer box away from the pond and are ideal for concrete walls. This patented 24" long extension tube allows the skimmer to be placed back from the edge of the pond. This will allow for planting between the pond and skimmer making it easier to hide! Extension tubes can be bolted together to create longer extensions if needed.

The SETS2 Extension Tube fits EasyPro Axiom Skimmers
The Small Extension Tube fits EasyPro Small and Mini Skimmers
The Large Extension Tube fits EasyPro Large Skimmet

Ext. Tube for Axiom Skimmers SETS2
Small 24" Extension Tube SETS
Large 24" Extension Tube SETL