Kasco C-85 Control Panel

C-85 Control Panel

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Kasco C-85 240V 20A Single Phase Control Panel

Kasco’s C-85 is a standard component included in the 3400HVFX, 3400HJF, 4400HVFX, 8400VFX, 8400JF, and 3.1JF Floating Aerating Fountain packages and is optional with any 240V Pond Aerator or Water Circulator model. The C-85, 240V Control Panel features GFCB protection, a 24-hour timer for the unit and 24-hou timer for the optional lighting kit, surge protection, and a terminal block for hardwiring the equipment, all in a thermoplastic NEMA 3r/4x enclosure. The GFCB, 20 amp circuit is designed to protect you and your equipment. No one should be in the water while the equipment is operating and a GFI protected circuit should always be used and operating properly. It is also essential to test the GFCB monthly to ensure proper operation. Check instructions for procedure. The C-85 Control Panel requires a hard-wire connection to four leads (L1, L2, a neutral, and a ground) and must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Kasco C-85 Control Panel C-85